$150 Challenge: Super Bowl Party

Being a girly girl who likes comic books, war movies, football and other "guy" things, I always cause a bit of a stir with my outfits at "guy" events. Rather than try to fit in with jeans, a sport tee and sneakers, I choose to crank up the fem. For something like a Super Bowl party, I'd flip the male uniform on its head. A tee with a feminine image, colorful jeans (in case I end up sitting on the floor), killer heels, a few girly accessories, and a nice blazer to give it all formality. This party (before spinach dip, pizza and a Colts victory) adds up to $121.79.
pink jeans, Levi's 520 Low Skinny at Zappos $31.99
tee shirt, Forever 21 $8.80
stud blazer, Forever 21 $27.80
wedge buckle shoes, Forever 21 $29.80
striped bow headband, Forever 21 $3.80
purple fabric flower ring, Forever 21 $2.80
pink rhinestone ring, Forever 21 $4.80
lip stain, Victoria's Secret $12


Fanya said…
You should do an opera post!


of course, it have nothing to do with the fact that I'm going to an opera this Friday. Altho we are getting one of the cheaper tickets, so no real need to dress up...
Jael Paris said…
The only opera I've every been to was Beijing Opera (yes, in Beijing), so all I know is wear something you can be creeped out in.
cdb said…
I know your dealing with a budget here, but every plug for a forever 21 item supports a corrupt and highly unethical company: http://www.39thandbroadway.com/hate-21/

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