Project Design: Camisoles

Project Design is our own friendly competition where we put together collection of independent designers for you to rate on your very own imaginary runway.

Years ago I walked into a clothing store and asked the sales girl if they had any camisoles. She blinked and me and repeated the word with a question mark, "Camisoles?" I took a step back and responded, "Yeah, the little tank top like things with adjustable straps." Her face lit up with recognition, "Oh! You mean 'camis'!"

I almost explained that "cami" was short for "camisole," but I figured it be a waste of breathe if she hadn't already made that connection. Like slips, the cami is a forgotten underpinning. In fact, most of these are pajama-style camisoles because I'm almost positive you have to shop in vintage stores and specialty shops to find a proper undergarment-style cami. With sheer clothing regaining popularity, I hope the cami sees a revival too. I don't want to see the trend bots' bras or worse. And I'd like to see something more interesting that the $2.50 Forever 21 cotton cami. I want pretty, and I want it sold by cup size/band size like a real undergarment.

Which camisole would you pick for comfy jammies or leisurely lingerie?

Rayon and organic cotton jersey camisole by sandmaidensleepwear
Parisian Scandale Camisole by Swoon
Silence nightgown/camisole by MajoReyStore
Ruby Red Bamboo Camisole by luvahuva
Lacy purple camisole and panty Set by intima
MANU bamboo lingerie by manukasanyal
Brody Red Silk Camisole with Navy Bow by Hopeless


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