Grammys 2010: Rate the Red Carpet

Last week, Jael Paris dressed several Grammy attendees who could use a little help with their red carpet choices. Now you get to weigh in. Who made the better choice--FMF or the Stars and their stylists?

Beyonce, Beyonce, Beyonce. You are...Sasha Fierce so dress like it! This dress was neither fierce nor flattering. You have a killer figure, but this standby mermaid gown isn't doing anything for it. You are the Queen of Hit Music. You could wear anything. Why this?

Keri Hilson is a new, innovative, interesting, fun, creative artist. This dress is something Beyonce would have worn to the Oscars during her Dream Girls days. Forge your own fashion path girl! You should have donned this yellow Pucci gown. You would look smashing in yellow. (Did you guys see that J. Lo wore the white Versace dress?)

I didn't hate Miley's dress. It's quite an improvement. She played it pretty safe, but I think that might be a smart move until she figures out her sense of style a bit more. I still like the FMF choices better. Also, the nude lip doesn't work, but I'll have to let it go because she isn't painted up like a hooker, and it looks like someone brushed her hair/extensions.

WOW! Pink! You. Look. A. Mazing! The hair. The earrings. The dress. THE DRESS! Just, wow. Forget our picks. This is so much better. We love you, and we love this dress on you. Stunning. If we could give you a Grammy for Best Dress, we would give you ten. Also thanks for another high-flying performance.

Taylor had plenty of princess moments last night. She is probably still jumping up and down about it today. Girl has had a great year, and I am happy for her. I'm just not loving her dress choice. I'm sure she's trying to grow-up her look a little, but I don't think this is the way to go (grow?).

Stay tuned for more Grammy Red Carpet Fashion later today!


rachel said…
I'm sure Taylor has a bazillion pairs of panties. I wonder what made her decide to don the black boy shorts instead of something in a flesh tone. That said, the color of her dress goes well with her skin and current hair color.
Jael Paris said…
I keep wanting to yank Taylor's straps up.

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