Love or Loathe: Quirky Skirt

Part of me thinks this skirt with gloves as a belt would be perfect for a Dali-esq outfit. Part of me wants to remove the belt and just wear the nice tweedy skirt. Part of me just says "huh"? Which direction is your brain going?


Erica said…
I don't like it, but it is not the belt that drives me crazy, it is the strange fit and poorly done basket weave at the bottom of the skirt. The belt is weird, but interesting.
Fanya said…
agree with Erica. It looks like it couldn't decide between an A-line skirt and a tube/skin tight skirt.

However, if it were a well made a-line skirt, I would totally go for it since:
1. it looks like the glove belt is removable, so I can wear it for business casual stuff.
2. the glove belts dressed it down so I can wear a tee and flats with it for a fun/casual/cute outfit.
Audi said…
I'm not feeling it, both because of the weirdness of the skirt shape and the awkwardly-placed gloves.
rachel said…
I like just about everything about it. I like the unusual shape, and the weaving at the bottom. I probably wouldn't wear the belt most days, but every now and then I might. Also, the belt looks like it could be worn as a scarf.
Stylist Diva said…
hate it. looks creepy... lol!

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