Question Answered

One of those items from Bebe we were all drooling over is available. The brocade mutton sleeve jacket is $169. Do you like it more or less now that you know the price? It's in line with what I expected it to be. I'm still waiting for the pale jacket and the bustle dress, but I doubt I'll be able to snatch them up on sale. Difficult decisions!


WickedThrifty said…
the fabric is pretty but i think it's pretty atrocious with those puffy sleeves (and i LOVE ruffles and feminine details... TOO MUCH here!) and that price, sheesh! surely there's something else out there that's cuter and not so expensive.
Jael Paris said…
I love the puffy sleeves.
Caitlin said…
Good god, I love that jacket!
nuvika said…
The fabric looks silky and smooth however the sleeves are little too big

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