Shoe of the Week: "Kiss & Tell" Pump

Scalloped edges, contrast stitching, suede, peep toe, patent leather, hearts, and a bow in the front make these "Kiss & Tell" Pumps by Poetic License poetry in motion. Add the brilliant tourquiose color (they also come in black) and this shoe wins top spot on my wish list (if they came in my size).

These shoes would the star of an outfit if worn with a simple LBD. Or they could add girlishness to an edgy look. Of course, they would look adorable with an all-out frilly feminine look too. A statement shoe like this will work well in your wardrobe for seasons to come. Nordstrom sells the shoes for $94.95.


I LOVE those!!! So pretty!
I think that they have too much going on...To do a trend is to just have a hint of it...Your not suppose to dress head to toe in trends...This one does it all just on your feet..
ShoeLover said…
Too fancy. You have to choose carefully what to wear with them to look elegant.

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