FMF Reader Poll: Models on TV

Models are a major part of the fashion industry. They display the clothes on runways, sell looks in ads and editorials, and some even act as muses to designers. Models have also become a major part of fashion television. Even Project Runway has spawned it's own modeling show, Models of the Runway. Which modeling show is your favorite?


rachel said…
Don't watch it very often, but I vote top model. Miss Tyra's always contradicting herself which I find amusing, plus she says "fierce."
JiaoJiao said…
Never heard of some of them. Definitely ANTM. The challenges are structured but different enough each time to be interesting. The focus is more on the models and the challenge than what the camara/judges think...until judging, which I really like cuz you get to know the models. And Tyra, her big personality and flair for drama definitely made the show better than others.

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