Love or Loathe: Animal Print

Animal print is already flooding stores with a strength it hasn't had for many seasons. What do you think of animal prints? Classy? Tacky? Tricky? Fabulous?


kylsie said…
Animal print in fashion, to me, is like a zebra print rug in a home. Terribly tacky, until someone fabulous does it and makes it look stunning. Then I want one.
Anonymous said…
i love animal print. i use it as a neutral. mixing unsuspecting colors with it. and i love it on accessories. i want some leopard shoes.
LyddieGal said…
I really like animal print, especially cheetah and snake. As long as it is natural; I hate animal print done in colors not found on the actual animal.

Anon- you should defiantly get some leopard print shoes, I have a pair like these, and I wear them with everything!

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