Love or Loathe: A Whole Lot Of Shoe

Wednesday's shopping post will be about animal print shoes (because I deliver like that). The process of searching for cute shoes I figured the fabulously fashionable readers of Fashion Me Fabulous would like produced both guffaws and head scratching.

In the head scratching category are these Jimmy Choo "Jazz" stilettos. Is pink leopard print too much with all the straps? Are these bold or way over the top? Too me, they're trying a little to hard to be typically "rock and roll."

On the other hand, N.Y.L.A.'s aptly named "Zoolander" platforms elicited a clear, loud laugh. Platform. Stiletto. Zebra. Layers. Jagged edges. Wow. But they named them "Zoolander." They can't be serious. In fact, I can imagine a fun girl with a big personality wearing these with a black sequin mini dress and hot pink lipstick while dancing around to The Ting Tings. In that context, I really love them.


kylsie said…
Yeah, I'm with you. Pink animal print OR straps.

I want to be best friends with Ting Ting girl. We could share our hot pink lipstick and love for sequins.
That second pair of zebra shoes looks a lot like Giuseppe Zanotti's sandals here: - I like the GZs, but not those NYLAs.
Jael Paris said…
I was actually thinking about those, but the zebra and crystal are so different. The designer version is almost understated in comparison.
ShoeLover said…
Wow, extremely unusual though pretty cute. Designers' imagination has no limits.

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