Military Jackets

We had a cold snap this weekend, and I took advantage of the occasion to break out my velvet frock coat. It's stylish like it's 1865. Truth is, I have a weakness for big, important-looking buttons and braiding. I also love absconding with men's pomp and circumstance. Since two of our readers have already sent me pictures of the military jackets they've bought or are tempted to buy this fall, I thought you might appreciate a roll call of what in stores.Top: teal velvet jacket, Newport News $29
asymmetrical crested jacket, Jamison at Saks Fifth Avenue $200
black band jacket, BB Dakota at Boutique For You $75
Middle: blue crop jacket, BB Dakota at Chick Down Town $70
buckle jacket, The Pyramid Collection $89.95
burgundy ruffle jacket, Free People $148
Bottom: asymmetrical band jacket, INC International Concepts at Macy's $79
wave edge jacket, Good Goth $29.95
corseted jacket, Retroscope Fashions $54.99


Caitlin said…
Love all of these. They also remind me of MJ, which is a plus!
LyddieGal said…
I saw one in the window at H&M the other day and I was feeling tempted... though I really like that teal velvet one.
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I love military jackets! I have an olive colored twill one that I bought over 4 years ago and I still love it!

JIM Designs said…
Such a fun look with jeans! In the magazine "Altered Couture" there's a project to make one of these :)
content match said…
Military jackets are one of my favorites!
james john said…
suggest me a brand for biker jackets for women in good leather and cheap price.

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