Matthew Williamson for H&M

Yesterday, I woke up early to head downtown for the launch of Matthew Williamson for H&M. I met up with two other fabulous, Chicago-based bloggers, Entirely Official and The Sassy Peach. (Be sure to check out their coverage of the event!)

Matthew Williamson's line launched "Part 1" yesterday at 8 U.S. stores and about 200 stores worldwide. "Part 2" debuts May 14th in most stores. "Part 2" will be a summer collection and will include menswear. You can watch for more info on the collection at H&M's website.

The collection was gone shortly after the doors opened, but it was very well done and deserved to sell out. Many of the pieces included lovely materials like silk, cashmere, and leather. Some items had a price tag that was a too high like the $80 cardigan (only 13% cashmere does not a cashmere sweater make), but it did have a much better price point than Comme de Garcon for H&M.

The entire "Part 1" collection wasn't in the Chicago store, but they had a lot of the really wearble pieces. The prints were amazing. H&M cheated on the sizing a little; none of the clothing went above a medium or a 10. The belts were available in large though. The item I really wanted was this lovely Peacock Print Blouse, and I got it! I also nabbed the wide studded belt, but it was an impulse buy so I'm still thinking about keeping it/selling it on ebay/just returning it.


rachel said…
that shirt is amazing!
susie_bubble said…
I only want the electric blue suit....did you check that out?
Kasmira said…
Love the peacock top! I wish we had H&M in Cincinnati. :(
becca said…
Susie, I didn't see the blue suit at the Chicago store. I was sad because I would have liked to see it in person.

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