Loomstate for Target: Another Limited Release

Target has released it's new limited edition diffusion line from Loomstate, the eco-friendly fashion line by Rogan Gregory and Scott Hahn. The line focuses on organic cotton and eco-friendly methods. Also, the line has clothing for both men and women.

I was excited for the line because lightweight cotton and silk blends sound great for breezy summer basics. Sadly, the line is a limited release just like McQueen's line for Target. I'll drive 40 minutes in search of McQueen, but not Loomstate. I'm not sure Target realizes that the advantage to having a collection at Target is everyone can get it. (Also, Target needs to move their collections out of the Juniors sizing.)

Read more about the eco-friendly collection here. View the collection, buy online, and find locations here.

What do you think of Target's new policy of "limited release" specialty collections?

Pictured: Loomstate Cotton & Silk Dress, $39.99


Jael Paris said…
None of their releases are within 100 miles of me. Boo!
rachel said…
Limited release = FAIL!

Seriously. Just because people don't happen to live in a major metropolitan area doesn't mean that they don't have good taste.

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