$150 Challenge: Neon Spring

When the calendar says late April and the thermometer reads 40 degrees, you might need a bit of wardrobe pep. I posted the pale cream version of this cardigan yesterday, but I like this one more. Lime with black lace excellently mashes neon party hoppers and more demure, laced up ladies. This outfit is all about classic office basics with a bright twist. The entire look, including makeup, costs $136.09.
lime and lace cardigan, Twelve by Twelve $36
grey sheath, Forever 21 $22.80
purple platform mary janes, Forever 21 $24.80
black ruffle bag, Charlotte Russe $19.99
OPI Brights! Atomic Orange, Amazon $8.50
"Lime Criminal" eyeshadow, Lime Crime $12
"Circus Girl" eyeshadow, Lime Crime $12

(If you're afraid of wearing bright eyeshadow, try it as an eyeliner.)


tracy said…
You should check out my site...I have some bracelets that would match this outfit perfectly!! Expecially 'Key West' www.chartreusedesigns.ca

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