This Week on Fashion Me Fabulous

Discuss: What are your thoughts on the jumpsuit trend? Are walking sandals a splurge? Is Target's new limited release policy a good idea? Which summer clothes are you most excited to wear?

Shop: Get great basic tee shirts. Need a sweet cardigan? I'm looking for new pajama pants. We're drooling over updated cameo jewelry. Check out this affordable vintage shop and upcycled jewelery on Etsy. Liven up your spring look with neon.

Our Facebook page has some new photos! By the way, you still have plenty of time to send us those prom pictures.


Jenny Mariposa said…
I love the color it reminds me of the sea and the beautiful oversized jewelry
Helen Cox said…
I think jumpsuits are playful and fun. They are perfect for summer because all you have to do is accessorize and go. I haven't bought mine yet...but it's only a matter of time!

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