Save or Splurge: Exercise Attire

To be honest, if I manage to actually do exercise that requires specific attire, I'm probably just going to wear the gym pants I've had since 8th grade and an old tank top. However, I've been thinking that specific, cute workout clothes might motivate me to actually exercise more.

I've looked at some really cute stuff, but it can be awfully expensive. I'm sure exercise enthusiasts could explain the benefits of these pricey items, but I don't think that stuff is for me. I just can't see spending a bunch of money of clothes to get sweaty in when I can buy pretty cute stuff at Target. I'd probably buy from the clearance rack there too. Clearly this is a major "save" for me.

So do you save or splurge on workout attire? Or are you still wearing your old gym clothes too?

Pictured: C9 by Champion Yoga Cami, Target $19.99


Kasmira said…
Total saver. I did splurge on a running skirt after finishing a half-marathon last May. Mostly, I figure, "why spend money on something I'm just going to get sweaty in?"
rachel said…
Save. As long as they don't ride up, fall down, or anything in between... I like the stuff that wicks sweat away for when I run, but I can get that for pretty cheap at target.
Jess K. said…
it depends on where i work out. if i'm at home then an old t-shirt & shorts suffice. however, if i'm out in public, i feel like it's just as important to feel confident in my exercise clothes as i would in my regular day-to-day attire.

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