Etsy Shop of the Week: Boojiboo

Shop: Boojiboo

Specialty: Adorable, vintage-inspired aprons!

Why We Love It: Call me silly, but nothing would be more fun than cooking a fabulous meal wearing a cute, vintage frock under an adorable apron like one of these. Also, Boojiboo has various apron styles including half aprons, plus size aprons and children's aprons.

Price Range: $6.75 - $38.75

More Info: You can keep up on the latest Boojiboo info on the Boojiboo blog.

Favorite Items: Everything! Famous Chloe Full Apron in Damask $28.75 (pictured), Classic Strawberry Full Apron $28.75, Bella Birdseed Full Apron $28.75, Maggie Tweet Tweet Bird Full Apron $28.75, Classic Jello & Mixers Half Apron $18.75


Jael Paris said…
Great shop name. I want the damask apron. I'd match the curtains in my guest room.
Tamia said…
How cute! Knowing me,I'd definitely find a way to wear that outside of the kitchen doesn't get a whole lot of action.

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