Save or Splurge: Everyday Walking Sandals

Several years ago I purchased a pair of rather pricey and very cute walking sandals from Naturalizer. They served me so well I went back a couple of years later to purchase a similar pair for my trip to Italy (needed something comfy but non-sneaker-like for walking in Europe). I ended up buying a slightly less pricey brand, which worked great, but only lasted a year. My Naturalizer sandals are still around. They're pretty worn out, but I still wear them frequently.

A good pair or supportive, comfy sandals is hard to come by. I don't mind paying for them. They last several years so they end up being worth the extra money. Also, I like to walk as much as possible in the warmer months so I don't want crappy shoes hurting my feet and ruining my walks. There is no question here, walking sandals are a spurlge.

Do you save or splurge on walking sandals?

Naturalizer Beatriz on sale for $59.99 from $75


Vicki said…
TOTAL splurge. Although I saved a little by shopping at the Clarks outlet near here, I'd have easily paid full price for my Clarks sandals. They feel like walking on air, and I've found that I have less back pain when I wear them! Completely worth it.
Jael Paris said…
I think I spent about $75 on walking sandals at Naturalizer. Three weeks of walking around China and I had no blisters. Unfortunately, a Hong Kong deluge kind of ruined them. They do not smell like tropical rain.
Rachel said…
I agree. Splurge. I'm totally breaking out my "Italy shoes" this summer :)

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