Extasia Jewelry

Who would like a handmade cameo in a bright colors? Me too! Extasia Jewelry hand crafts its feminine pieces and infuses them with an antique feel. The prices vary depending on the detail for the piece, but they are quite reasonable considering what you're getting. (And that's coming from someone who grew up in a jewelry store!) A classic cameo necklace accented with pearls and garnets, for example, will run about $240. If you want to build your own charm bracelet, each charm may cost between $35 and $60. Earrings, which are on sale this month, and rings hover around $100.

Did you know, by the way, that you can email Fashion Me Fabulous posts to, let's say for example, your husband who can't figure out what to buy you for your birthday? Something about the pretty, pretty jewelry compelled me to tell you.


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