Oscar's Red Carpt: Get the Look

The best dressed at the Academy Awards may not be sporting looks you can wear to work tomorrow, but you can learn a few things from celebrity choices.

When in Doubt, Wear Red
Several stars showed up in red and looked amazing. The key to wearing red is finding a flattering shade and shape.

Heidi Klum took red to its fullest volume. Keep your red as trim as Heidi is by keeping the halter neckline shape and some texture on the side but skipping the poof. Try this Red Halter Dress from Windsor for about $60.

Katherine Heigl kept it simple and elegant in a vibrant red gown. Get her look with the same, classic shape in a color that compliments your skin. Try this Alex Evenings One Shoulder Gown from Nordstrom for about $120.

Anne Hathaway went for beautiful draping and an empire waist to make her red stand out. Keep the draping and the waist line but drop off the length to make the dress fun and wearable. Try this Red Strapless Dress from Windsor for about $60.

Remix Basic Black with Surprising Shapes
Basic black is an elegant and classic red carpet choice. However, a simple black dress in a classic shape can be boring. This year stars switched up with black by choosing styles with unique shapes and details.

Jennifer Garner keep the black interesting with layers of ruffles. She kept the look slim by keeping the bulk at the bottom. Do the same but crop the length for a more versatile look. Try this Black Triple Layered Bubble Dress from Windsor for about $100.

Penelope Cruz pumped up her black with draping and features. Go for a shorter dress that does the same and play with details like feathers and bows. Try this Black One Shoulder Bow Strap Dress from Windsor for about $65.

Wear a Different Color
You can count on black, red and other typical colors to look stunning, but standing out in a crowd of beautiful people can be difficult so try wearing a unique color such as green or yellow.

Amy Adams stood out in her emerald green dress, which made her lovely red hair stand out too. Take a cue from Amy by trying on the colors you usually avoid. Try this Maggy London Chiffon Halter Dress from Nordstrom for about $160.

Be Yourself
Too often big events inspire us to wear something everyone will like so we stay away from the things we'd really like to try. A different dress can be a risk, especially when a lot of people are watching, but it can be well worth it. You may just be the most outstanding person there.

Marion Cotillard took that risk, and it paid off for her. She wore an exquisite Jean Paul Gaultier mermaid-esque creation. Follow Marion's lead and wear that dress that really says who you are. If you like the shape of her dress try this Nicole Miller Crinkle Bustier Gown from Nordstrom for about $575. But before you try that, look around a little to see what draws you in.


Unknown said…
that red satin halter dress should not exist. i cannot think of a single human who could wear this. ruching on the sides? shame on you.
becca said…
Lauren, I thought so at first too, but I saw a girl try that dress on in the store and she really pulled it off. I wouldn't recommend it for everyone though.

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