Breaking Personal Fashion Rules

Everyone has a complex system of personal style rules. Some women refuse to wear heels. Some always match their bras and panties. Some only wear their hair up, others down. Some avoid patterns while others avoid color. One of my personal fashion rules is never mixing black and brown. I don't know where I got the idea that black and brown can't be worn together. As my art professor would say, "If it works in nature, it works in art," and black and brown have certainly been kind to leopards.

Since starting as a Fashion Me Fabulous blogger, I've determined to be more open to different styles. I've always loved a wide variety of looks, if my post on harajuku and British avant garde are any indication, but I'm not so adventurous myself.

I suppose the key to wearing black and brown is to make it clear you dressed that way on purpose rather than got dressed in the dark. Brown boots, grey pants, grey turtleneck, and a brown sweater vest cinched with a brown belt. My recent attempt looked a little something like the above look. Have I successfully broken my black and brown rule? What personal fashion rules do you think you should break?


Wishful_Thinker said…
I, too have a thing about wearing black and brown together. For instance, I have an awesome pair of knee high, tan, leather boots. I've seen celebrities wear the same color boots with solid black dresses and leggings. But when I put it on, I just can't seem to make myself walk out of the door. I've become so self-conscious about this and it drives me nuts! Another rule of mine is wearing open-toe shoes before the first day of Spring. I just can't do it. They say there are no more rules to fashion, yet I just can't let go of certain ones. Great blog!
Anonymous said…
I am i also afraid of black/brown and brown/grey combinations in fashion,I also have a hard time wearing silver jewelry with brown clothing,my mother's only rule to fashion was gold with brown and silver with black.I don't know where or why she decided this,but I raised hearing it,so it's a hard rule for me to break.It is a wonderful blog by the way,keep up the good work!
Anonymous said…
I catch a lot of grief from one or two of my more fashionable friends for my personal love of black and brown together. I never got it. I'm a big fan of black tops, nice jeans and brown leather shoes. I personally think black shoes/black tops with jeans can look very eighties, especially when the jeans are lighter. Obviously this doesn't apply to all black on black, but still.

I've always loved black and brown together. I really struggle to see how so many think its weird.
Jael Paris said…
Kylsie, that's why I'm trying it. I have no idea why I started thinking that it doesn't work. I think someone old who doesn't wear white after Labor Day got that idea in my head.
Anonymous said…
You wouldn't believe how many customers at the shoe store ask me this very question. Can they wear black shoes with khakis, do grey pants look okay with brown shoes... Usually I tell them that what they wear is up to them, and that I own a skirt that is black, brown and grey, and that the rules that their grandparents instilled in them don't necessarily apply any more.

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