Professional Work Attire

My wardrobe has been in a slow transition from high school to the professional world. While I may think kimono sleeve tops are the coolest thing ever, they don't really scream "confident professional." And let's not even start on the sad state of my pants stock.

Thankfully, the ladies of the 80s took the sartorial hit, and we women no longer need to dress in somber tones with intimidating cuts to feel like a force in the workplace. But Ally McBeal's miniskirts aren't exactly perfect for the office in reality either. Make sure your outfit isn't distracting to a potential client or your employees. For example, a lime skirt, coral jacket and cobalt and pink floral scarf would make people look at you, but not listen to you. (I am well aware you're all too fashionable to ever wear such a thing.) The same goes for short skirts and cleavage. Save your avant garde zipper dress for the weekend. If you're willing to invest in finely tailored classic items, they will last you years.

If you find yourself needing more or new tops, skirts, pants and jackets for your job, check out what I found below. Most of what's listed is also available in black. (Psst! Office friendly Ann Taylor will give you 50% off a jacket if you buy a pair of suit pants or skirt, and most of Victoria's Secret's excellent suiting is 50% off winter materials.)
Top: black wide waist band, Victoria's Secret $68
cream wide-leg, Anthropologie $98
navy wide-leg high-waist trousers, 18th Amendment, Nordstrom $275
chocolate press-front pants, Ann Taylor $128
Bottom: brown plaid, INC, Macy's $79
purple tweed Christie fit flare, Victoria's Secret $48
editor-fit pants, Express $59.50-$89
charcoal bow tie waist, Anthropologie $158
Top: pink dip-dye turtleneck, Macy's $59
cream lace font top, Banana Republic $79
white bodysuit, Victoria's Secret $49
yellow sleeveless shell, Anthropologie $68
Bottom: green mandarin collar blouse, Ann Taylor $78
navy satin pussy bow blouse, Forever 21 $17.80
stripe wrap top, Ann Taylor $29.99
Top: full purple skirt, Victoria's Secret $59.50
square print pencil skirt, Ann Taylor $98
brown plaid pleat, Adam Plus Eve, Bluefly $91.99
Bottom: black pencil skirt, J.Crew $88
grey pencil skirt, French Connection $109
khaki high-waist, Eva Franco, Bluefly $103.99
Top: contrast trim blazer, INC, Macy's $129
chrome double breasted jacket, Alvin Valley, Bluefly $183.99
charcoal jacket with contrast trim, Anthropologie $118
chocolate long blazer, Victoria's Secret $79
Middle: coral jacket, Ann Taylor $198
taupe fold over collar, Anthropologie $78
navy and cream stripe, Target $24.99
hunter green (they call it teal) houndstooth jacket, Robert Rodriguez, Bluefly $167.99


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