Etsy Shop of the Week: Molecular Muse

If you visit the shop of Molecular Muse, Made with Molecules, on Etsy you will find an unusual collection of fashionably scientific jewelry. While reading a science book four years ago, Molecular Muse artist, Raven Hanna, discovered the pleasing shape of the serotonin molecule and decided it would make a pretty and meaningful necklace. Her unsuccessful search for a serotonin necklace lead her to creating her own. People repeatedly told Hanna she should sell her creations so she did.

Her sterling silver necklaces have a subtle and unique sense of style. Inspired by nature and her scientific training, a PhD in biochemistry, Hanna loves to share her fascination with the beauty of molecular models in combination with modern style.

Others are sure to notice the elegant designs of the molecules, which can be worn almost anywhere with any outfit. Even those without an interest in science will enjoy the shapes and their meanings, which range from the happiness of serotonin to the comfort of chocolate. Some of the shapes even include a charm that expresses the meaning of the molecule.

The most popular items include the serotonin necklace and earrings, the dopamine necklace and earrings, the theobromine (chocolate) earrings and the caffeine items. Her meaningful molecules make a subtle declaration in a fashionable way.

“I'm happy that many of the people who purchase my work see it as meaningful and symbolic. I feel so fortunate and grateful to have found this niche,” said Hanna.

Pictured: Serotonin Necklace

Photos courtesy of Molecular Muse.


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