The Horror: Oscar Hair

Once again, the most disturbing trend on the red carpet had to do with celebrity hair. While many celebrities, such as Katherine Heigl and Amy Adams, opted for old Hollywood glamour and others, like Heidi Klum and Jessica Alba, went for highly styled updos, several women showed up on the red carpet with the equivalent of beach hair. I'm all for easy glamour, and a tossled do can look nice. But not brushing your hair, having a halo of frizz and constantly needing to sweep locks out of your eyes so you can look more vigilantly for Gary Busey attacks, does not make me want to dream of winning a golden dude of my very own. If your red carpet look involved a scrunchy, get a new stylist. Who does Heidi's hair?
Sissy Spacek (left) schools Sarah Polly and Cameron Diaz on how to wear sophisticated, mussy hair.


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