Love or Loathe? Cork Clutch

The primary material of this clutch is cork, which makes me think drunk men will follow you around at the bar trying to pin their numbers to your bag. The gold trim is pretty standard for an evening bag, but the branch handles aren't. The handles do tie everything back to the cork. Is this a great bag for a night out or does it look like the loser of a challenge on Project Runway where they could only use materials found in a forth grade classroom? If this Hobo International cork clutch has stuck itself in a soft spot in your heart, it's $108 at


Rachel said…
I'm going to say "love" - I'm a cork fan. I'm not so in love with the handles though.
Anonymous said…
It's weird... I love the cork, hate the gold. I love the shape the gold has been put to, I just hate the gold itself.

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