Glaze Over Your Greys

I started noticing grey and white infiltrating my brown mop top when I was about 21. Whether they are from college stress or repeatedly hitting my head on the low ceiling above my bunk has yet to be determined. My first coping method was to pull them out, but I quickly realized this would give me a strange little bald spot. I'm too cheap and lazy to keep up with an all out dye job, and I rather like my color anyway. John Frieda's colored glazes were the answer. (With my hair, John Frieda is always the answer.)

These glazes are meant to keep color-treated hair from fading, but the jolt of color is just enough to turn my white hairs to auburn or coffee highlights. Two or three times a week, I apply the glaze after conditioning in the shower. Let it sit for a few minutes and rinse. Voila! A simple fix that cost about $8 every 10 weeks.


Anonymous said…
I'm glad you recommended this...
I've been meaning to try it for forever. I'm 21 and so far gray-free, but my highlights are getting pretty dull and I can't always afford a real hair treatment.
Anonymous said…
I realize this is now an older post... but I went out and got some of this stuff and on day one I'm already very impressed. My hair is noticeably more healthy and shiny looking, and even has that light/clean feeling of getting your hair professionally washed/done. I'm in love.

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