Project Runway Reunites

The Project Runway reunion reminded us of the good times and the bad times. Everyone agreed that the Avante Garde Hair Challenge produced the best designs, which means “Team Fierce” and their ORGANZA creation took “Best overall.”

The Judges named menswear the worst runway full of outfits, but Sweet P. claimed her own design for the WWE Diva challenge as worst. Everyone agreed.

The WWE challenge challenged the judges most. Michael Kors couldn't take it seriously and even Nina lost her poker face. Everyone, including Tim, could not have been more out of place.

As for the Fan Favorite... Christian “Ferousha Courtura” won the $10,000 check that was bigger than him.

He's produced great stuff and created a memorable character on the show, but winning this will not make it any easier to live with him. However, his T-shirt design does some it all up.


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