Lost Gloves Found

Missing pens go to the Ballpoint Planet. Lost socks are eaten by the monster in your dryer. Your other black pump is under the pile of clothes in the back corner of your closet. And your missing necklace is in a safe place—so safe that you can't remember where it is. But where is that missing glove?

I have a collection of odd gloves. These gloves can be fun for snowball fights or those days where I don't want my gloves or socks to match. (You know, those Punky Brewster days). However, those days aren't very often. I usually like to have matching gloves, but I always lose one.

Antropologie has the answer — Lost and Found Gloves:

These elbow-length, striped gloves come in raspberry and turquoise, but the real magic is they come in a triplet rather than a pair. That means you have one extra glove if you lose one. You just have to remember where you stored the extra glove. $38 at Antroplogie.


Jael Paris said…
That is so cute!

Last winter I lost one of my burgundy gloves in late February. They weren't selling gloves in stores anymore and then we had a cold snap. I wore a black glove so my hands would be warm. I should have acted like it was all the rage in Paris.

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