The Hunt

A coworker of mine is currently in mourning over her favorite pair of shoes, yellow suede Franco Sarto ballet flats, which her boyfriend mistakenly donated to Goodwill. She explained that it's not the shoes she'll miss so much as the prize. She, like me, is a fashion hunter. She stalked, caressed and hunted her prey until, in a moment of weakness, they fell from $75 to $20. Consider this the female equivalent of hanging a mounted animal head on the wall.

Winter is here, and I am on the hunt once again. My prey is a good pair of tall leather boots that will last me over seven Great Lakes winters. More specifically, I'm laying in wait for these brown, Frye Adrienne boots to drop down from $401.95 on Zappos.
Are you a fashion hunter? Tell us what you're chasing, and maybe we can help you take it down.


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