Project Runway Update: Week Three

Project Runway has done away with the silly challenges which clothing made of garbage so far this year. Instead, they've given the designers real challenges with some pretty good prizes. These challenges are hard too. This week they them design menswear. And not just any menswear, they had to make TV friendly menswear that would flatter the proportions and taste of football player turned Today Show host, Tiki Barber.


The designers were in a frenzy, since most of them have only designed womens wear, menswear and all of its details were foreign territory. In the end Jack won and Carmen was eliminated. During the first episode, I felt that Carmen was a decent designer and hadn't originally thought she would go home this soon. However, as the weeks progressed she didn't show the resourcefulness or quality of design to “make it work.”


It's still too early to make predictions about who will stay and who will go. This a a pretty good crop of designers with some great experience and serious ambition. Of course, like any reality show, there is quite a cast of characters.


Rachel said…
Are you taping these for me???

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