The Target Challenge: Everyday Dress Coats

I've been looking for a everyday dress coat—nothing too fancy, but nothing too casual. Target has a ton of coats ranging from classic looks to some of the trendy stuff. I actually had a hard time choosing which coats to feature because I found a lot I really liked.

This double breasted belted coat is classic in five colors. Although, the oxygen blue color gives it a fresh, bold look. It costs $49.99.

Target's tapestry coat with it's faux fur collar is an elegant dress coat. The shape and length are very flattering. This stand out coat comes in four colors and costs $79.99.

This coat is only available at The mismatched buttons, houndstooth print, flap pockets, and high collar give it a young trendy look. It is also the most expensive coat a $89.99.

The three side buttons and high collar on this long wool jacket give it an elegant look. The length is nice for a dress coat or for running errands. It comes in four colors and is on sale for $49.99

This double breasted coat with shiny black buttons, a pleated skirt and adorable collar is my favorite. It even has a pretty lining and comes in five different colors. I got this green one on sale for $49.99 yesterday.


Jael Paris said…
I'm all over that tapestry coat!

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