Fashionably Late with Stacy London

Tonight the third episode of Fashionably Late with Stacy London aired on TLC tonight. Stacy opened by introducing us to the practical fashions of the Pepper Spray Ring and the fugly fashions of Glow Fur, a choice that made me sincerely question Stacey's taste.

Odd fashion picks aside, the show has a fun set-up. It's all a girls night out complete with special cocktails and little cafe tables instead of stadium seating. Fashionably Late is more of a fashion party with lots of shiny give-aways than a fashion talk show.

My favorite segment of the show is "My Life in Five Outfits." Stacy asks her celebrity guests to share five defining outfits in her style life.

What five outfits would best highlight your style journey?

Also, log on to Fashionably Late's website and take a quick style quiz to test your fashion IQ.


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