Give Fashionably: Heifer International

Heifer International may not sound like the most fashionable organization, but it is one that does a lot of good. Heifer provides more than clothing, money or food to families in need all over the world. Heifer provides a way for families to provide those necessities for themselves. Instead of passing out food and blankets, Heifer allows you to purchase animals that will allow families to clothe, feed, and create income.

For example, you can give a Knitting Basket, a gift of two lamas and two sheep. Heifer International recommends give this donation in lieu of giving your dad a seater he won't wear. These four animals will provide plenty of wool for the family to create much needed clothing for themselves and their community. It also provides them with a way to make clothing they will be able to profit from and, therefore, buy things they need for their family. A Knitting Basket cost US$500 or you can purchase a share for US$50.

You can also give A New Beginning Basket, which provides one sheep for wool to make clothing and other needed fabric items for US$120. Or you can buy one or more shares of a sheep for US$10 a share.

Don't just donate clothing or money. Give an entire community an entire wardrobe and so much more.


Rachel said…
For artsy crafty folks, here's an idea... something that I did years and years ago. I made some crafts around Christmas time (wreaths, angel teddy bears, whatever) and sold them at my church. I used that money to buy a goat (used primarily for milk and for making more goats, which can be very valuable for the family who owns them) through Heifer International. Don't have the money to give to a charity you're passionate about? Use what you have and get the help of others!

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