Etsy Shop of the Week: Tatianas Threads

Shop: Tatiana's Threads

Why We Love It: Next to shopping for pants, I most hate shopping for underpinnings. Everything is horrible. It's all nylon, over done, way too hot to wear in the summer and fits stupid. Plus, most of it is rather dull looking. Tatiana's Threads offers a solution with unique, cute, slightly retro underthings that are just too pretty to pass up.

Price Range: $12 - $75

Favorite Items:
(Click through the slideshow below to see favorites)

Pictured: High Waisted Color blocked Panties $28; Pink Peacock Panties $25; Strawberry Field Panties $25; Grey and White Lace Panties $25; Red Heart Cutout Panties $22; Ivory Lace Brawlette $39; Feather Print Boho Bodysuit $65Lace Toe Socks $25; Black Lace Bralette $33 (also pictured above)


Alison said…
I also hate that I can only buy Imported European Bras. I cannot believe there isn't a company in the US that can make bras in my size!
Rachel said…
I LOVE these! Pretty sure I'm going to place an order...

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