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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Pick of the Week: Casual Summer Pant

I love an easy summer pant. While I tend to default to skirts during the warmer months, some summer events really lend themselves to a garment that requires less careful or ladylike movement. Wide leg linen pants have been my go to for years. However, they are often too full to wear with billowy summer tops. This is where these cropped chambray pants from jcpenny come in. They are light, 100% cotton and loose enough to move in without being too baggy. Also, the draw string waist allows them to fit a variety of shapes. They cost $29 and also come in coral.


Nora Bradshaw said...

I like these a lot, because unlike pants that are a similar style or of a similar fabric, they're not completely open or loose at the bottom. They're less PJ'ish. I hate it when my pant leg snags on something, like the bottom of my shoe or my bike pedal. I also like that it looks more compact, because I'm only 5'2".

Anonymous said...

Wide leg linen pants in the summer is a very good choice.
I think it is very breathable.
It can help us to spend a pleasant summer.

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