Favorites From The 2013 Met Gala

Unlike any other red carpet event we cover, the Met Gala has a theme. Also, guests sort of have a blank check to experiment and play with fashion. So it's confusing to me when so many women biff the opportunity and stick with a princess gown or simple cocktail dress. Enjoy playing dress up, ladies! That said, many women did decide to play with the theme. Below is a gallery of our most memorable looks from the red carpet. (Spoiler: Sarah Jessica Parker is the bestest best besty.)

Check out our Facebook page for more looks we loved as well as a couple that baffled.


Jennifer Wells said…
I haven't been agreeing with Go Fug Yourself much over the Met Gala this year. Some of the people who chose things that totally fit in with the punk theme were ridiculed for it, which seemed a little wet-blanket of them.

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