Fashion Rant: Pervasive Polyester Tees

I'm being haunted. I've been shopping to find summer tops (with sleeves) for work. However, one tee has been following me, and it seems to have scared all the cute blouses off the racks.

I love a good tee, but lately t-shirts are all I find. They are either basic cotton blends for layering or they are this new, boxy, poly-blend tee. Some are cute and can be styled nicely. I actually tried on this city striped shirt at Nordstrom thinking it might be the exception (I was desperate), but it suffered from all the common problems.

They are made from yucky, cheap, synthetic material. Some are silky; but most are scratchy. These synthetics don't breath making them horribly hot despite their light appearance. Speaking of lightness, most are sheer so you have to layer them, which will make you hotter.

Even those in the higher price point seem made wrong. This one has a "cotton-like" back so the seams pucker because one fabric is stretchy and the other isn't. Most have disproportionate sleeves, and the boxy shape on stretch-free fabric hardly accommodates curves forcing wearers to buy up a size and look tent-like in the tee.

What do you think of these polyester tees? Have you found any good ones? Are you seeing them at every turn like I am?

P.S. Is anyone else having trouble finding natural fibers this season? Everything is synthetic! Ugh.

Pictured: Cityscape Stripe Tee, Nordstrom $39


Anonymous said…
People who are young right now will grow up thinking that these are good clothes.
Anonymous said…
Yes, truthfully I bought some poly cotton blend clothing a while back and had second thoughts before ever wearing it and returned every piece. I'm refusing to buy anything that isn't natural fibers.

I'm so tired of all the poly crap, excuse the language but I feel pretty strongly about this garbage clothing that is being carried by even stores like Nordstroms. Very disappointing. So I'm doing what I can to let the the stores know it's not acceptable by not buying any of the poly junk. It's all I can think to do. It's taking a while longer to find basic pieces of clothing but I know my husband and I will be more comfortable in the long run.

The poly is just so uncomfortable and most doesn't wear well either.
Jael Paris said…
I've encountered some good polyester, but this material is like really cheap lining material. It's terrible. I'm with you on the cuts. Shudder.

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