Love or Loathe: Gameboy Swimsuit

Fashion Me Fabulous presents A Conversation With Myself.

"Gameboy swimsuit?! My little nerd heart is going pitter patter!"

"Remember when you used to play your Gameboy so much that grounding you involved simply taking the game away?"

"Yes! And Dad was so worried about me playing it on late night car rides that he got a clip-on light and magnifier for it. It was so old it didn't even have a backlight! This swimsuit brings back happy memories."

"Too bad the fit is terrible. You have to be hyper-fit or 19 in order to pull this off."

"But, Gameboy!"

"It doesn't even say Gameboy. It's sporting the name of the store -- Black Milk. That's a very minor problem though when you can safely assume that pervs and drunks will come up to you on the beach and try to touch your buttons. The start button is in a particularly risky spot."

"Why won't you let me have nice things?"

"Because I control the wallet."


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