Linen & Cotton Blazers

Summer clothes and work dress code are sort of polar opposites. Not only does your sundress show more skin than Human Resources is comfortable with, but beyond all explanation, the air-conditioner has a pipeline straight to the Arctic. Don't worry, relaxed and washable blazers in linen and cotton literally have your back. (Click for a bigger image.)
Top: dove gray peplum, Charlotte Russe $30 (sale)
navy military jacket, ASOS $73
chambray blazer, Nordstrom $69 (Available in 6 more colors)
plaid linen tweed, Rebecca Minkoff at Saks Fifth Avenue $298 (sale)
Bottom: metallic moto jacket, Macy's $69 (sale)
olive with contrast trim, Mango $80
red swing jacket, Target $35
striped blazer, Gap $59 (sale)


Anonymous said…
I've come to the conclusion that if an office building consists of 1,250 women and only one man, that one man will be put in charge of the air conditioning. That's why office buildings are always freezing cold.

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