Pick of the Week: Pewter Wedges

Years ago, I made a new pair of silver flats I'd purchased a love or loathe. People were pretty divided, but I've worn the life out of those things. They go with everything and are super comfortable. I've loved them every second I've worn them. Sadly, in their fifth year, they are dying. They are darker and dirtier and one heel has worn into a wobbly curve. I would give them a proper shoe funeral, but I haven't yet figured out the ceremony.

Just when my heart was aching thinking I would never shoe again (again being for a week, because please, it's me), in comes this beauty. Retro loafer menswear style in pewter with a major wedge. Very yes. They're also available in a sparkly black (and a leopard print that should die in a fire). Unfortunately, they are $155 at Shabby Apple, and I don't feel up to paying that for shoes right now. Cross my fingers and hope to sale.


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