How I'm Mixing Prints This Season

Far and away, my favorite trend of the season is graphic black and white. (You may be sick of me saying it by now, but just think of it as a kiss-off to crop tops. NO ONE LOVES YOU CROP TOPS. GO HOME!) I've always had a weakness for the Mod aesthetic, and I like to play "Spot the Stripes" when watching a Tim Burton movie. Black and white prints can be as eye-catching as any color and they are beyond easy to mix into your wardrobe.

In order to embrace spring, I've broken out my trusty bright, printed skirts. Here's how I mix the trend with the stand-by.

Black and White and Bright Print

There are two keys to pulling this off. First, if both pieces contain white make sure they match. If one piece is actually cream, the mix looks more laundry day than intentional dressing. Second, pay attention to the size and business of your patterns. The first two skirts above feature complex patterns, but the they don't use that many colors. For these, stick to a simple pattern like stripes or polka dots for the top. The third skirt also features a complex pattern, but it contains at least five colors. Instead of a pattern, wear a color block or contrast trim top. The fourth skirt is a very simple, repeating design in green tones. For a print this simple, go a little nuts up top like with this lace print top.


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