Love or Loathe: Minimal Sandals

After seasons and seasons of gladiator sandals, architectural heels, and other statement shoes, a minimalist sandal may feel like a nice breather. That feeling is a lie. Personally, I hate minimalist sandals (of the heeled variety) for the following perfectly logical reasons:
1. I don't want to wear a heel that is attached to my foot only by two straps and hope. On the cheaper shoes, that toe strap isn't even sewn it. Your hope is glue, my friend.
2. When your feet are sweaty in these, you will slide around due to lack of support.
3. Most people have gnarly toes.
4. Speaking of toes, the pinky toes almost always tries to make a break for it in these things.
5. One of the shoes below is is $45. One is $120, and the other is $300. Without clicking the links or reading the labels, can you guess which is which? As a woman who is conservative with her spending but likes quality, I can't stomach the idea of paying full leather pump prices for such a whiff of nothing. As mentioned above, I don't trust the cheapest one.

That's my stance on this season's 90s throwback. Feel free to head to the comments and use your nice words to tell me that I am completely wrong. Will anyone stand up for the minimalist heeled sandal?


Megan said…
I'm not a fan. In fact, I wish you could get more summer shoes with closed toes.
Jael Paris said…
Megan, I will have a closed-toed summer shoes post soon.
Jennifer Wells said…
They sure sound unappealing now.
Megan said…
Looking forward to the closed toed shoe post!

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