HONY, The Sartorialist and Finding Inpsiration in Street Style

I recently started following Humans of New York on Tumblr. I've been reading The Sartorialist for years. Both of these are blogs documenting people on the streets (primarily the streets of New York). The Sartorialist focuses on fashion--it's in the name. Humans of New York (HONY), however, has a broader focus. They are finding moments, asking questions. It isn't just about grabbing the latest fashions as they walk down the street.
HONY caption: Everyone should save their brightest colors for the greyest days
While I love The Sartorialist (I'll have a review of his new book for you soon), I think Humans of New York has a greater capacity to influence my style, even if fashion isn't its focus. Actually, because fashion isn't it's focus. I'm not a fan of street style blogs that only take pictures outside of fashion shows and where they know fashion elite will be walking. I've always appreicated that the Sartorialist didn't always photograph things that worked perfectly. I like, even more, that HONY is documenting all types of people in an effort to pull together the various Humans of New York.
I think I would like to be her when I'm her age.
HONY didn't take pictures of these people because they were trendy or even because they had the most unique personal style. They took pictures because they were interesting, cute, weird, funny, human. In fact, HONY has a post about not being as fashion blog.
I think we would be friends.
This is what I love about fashion. It's an everyday art. In most societies we have to get up, get dressed and go out into the world. What we choose to put on has the ability to speak volumes about us. We can communicate aspirations, moods, worldviews and try on new feelings or personas. Our personal style doesn't have to walk out of a magazine or off a runway. We don't need to look like everyone on TV or even everyone else in the office. Fashion gives us a canvas to do so much more.
HONY caption: "It's my birthday so I put on my happy suit."

The HONY caption read "We've been best friends since 1967."
Is this glimpse into the future for me an Jael? Which one gets to have green hair?
All of these pictures are from Humans Of New York. You should got there and look at the hundreds I didn't have room to post.


Jael Paris said…
Lately, I feel that I've forgotten how to revel in the imperfect. Interestingly, it was when I lost hours of my life earlier this week to HONY that I finally realized that.

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