Etsy Shop of the Week: Dalkullan Jewelry

Shop: Dalkullan Jewelry

Why We Love It: This jewelry has a simple, elegant, hand crafted appeal, yet the intricate facets and details of each piece are far from simple. The design moves beyond the typical jewelry store fare to capture the beauty of the gems while still showcasing the settings.

Price Range: $35 - $2,000

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Favorite Items:
(click through the slideshow below to see some favorites).

Pictured: Emerald rose gold ring $250; 18K gold wedding band set $1,250; Three stone sapphire ring $1,150; Gold chocolate diamond stud earrings $550; Silver ruby ring $350; Anastasia Topaz Ring $295; Stacking ring set $195; Sterling ruffle ring $65; Silver rose quartz ring $40 (also pictured above)


Jael Paris said…
I am hooked on stackable rings right now.

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