Fashion Links

For $39, Coco Rocha will send you a box full of over $80 worth of things she finds fabulous. (Fancy)

You know you want to read about the history of sequins. (Smithsonian)

This photograph, composed and snapped by a teenager, is the most provocative essay I've ever seen regarding skirt lengths and perception. (Rosea Posey)

Teens have told me 90s fashion is cool, but I remember these horrors of the past. (Buzzfeed)

As a fashion-loving rabbit owner, I am crazy for Fifi Lapin and her illustrated bun in designer frocks. I just wish her Etsy shop was still open!

Speaking of the intersection of fashion and art, Japan Lover Me has turned some of Tokyo Fashion's street snaps into adorable illustrations.

Who had the best figure in Hollywood in 1931? The article is a little weird for the modern reader.(Slate)


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