Pick of the Week: Bare Traps Darley Sandals

Something must be terribly wrong because this is my second time choosing flats as a Pick of the Week recently. Honestly, flats and I aren't friends. My doctors tell me I should wear them more often to help with some foot and ankle problems, but finding comfortable flats that fit is far harder than it should be. I searched for 4 years to find flat walking sandals that fit, looked cute enough to wear with skirts and dresses (sporty and orthopedic don't suit my style), didn't cost a fortune and didn't turn under my foot when I walked. For some reason that last one was the hardest. Every pair of sandals I've tried on have turned under my foot as I walked. It happens to my mom too. It's awful.

After much searching, I came across the Darley Sandal at DSW. It lasted through a lot of wear last summer and is going strong this year. It is made of very soft leather and has enough support to handle my long, meandering summer walks. While it isn't the top comfort sandal I've tried on (S.A.S. sandals are crazy comfy, but even my mom calls them old lady shoes), the price can't be beat. It currently costs $39.94 at DSW. Last year, I found it on sale at a Bon Ton store for under $30. I also bought a pair of yellow Delaney sandals, Darley's closed twin sister for about $29 (currently $49.95 at DSW).


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