Etsy Shop of the Week: designs

Shop: designs

Why We Love It: I love fun shoes, but I don't posses the income to buy all the fun shoes I'd like. This shop showcases ankle cuffs, shoes cuffs and spats to transform any basic pair of shoes into something special. also offers belts and wrist cuffs.

Price Range:$39 - $69

Favorite Items: Black Abstract Bow Ankle Cuffs $59 (pictured); Black Sequin Mid-Calf Spats with Bow Front $69; Taupe and Ivory Leather Ruffle Spats $39; MOHAWK Black Feather Shoe Cuff $49; Peacock Feather Ankle Cuffs with band $59; Neon Hot Pink Abstract Flower Wrist Corsage with Feathers $39; Black Leather Chain Belt $69


Anonymous said…
This is a great post!
Just found you through Link Referral(:

Mind checking out my blog, reviewing it, and publicly following?

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-XO Abbigayle Rashae
Jael Paris said…
All the feather ones will be mine!

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