Love or Loathe: Strapless

This dress has chairs printed on it.
Of course, it's from Mod Cloth.
Prom was this last weekend, and my youth gives gave it an overwhelming rating of meh. Mostly, they spent the evening avoiding girls who were in tears about various catastrophes both real and perceived. One such incident involved a rather well-endowed girl exuberantly dancing in a strapless dress which then fell off.

Ah, memories.

I'm a big fan of straps. I don't need to worry about losing my clothes when I have actual problems to think about like what to make for dinner, how can I get rid of this migraine, and my boss wants us to do what now. However, I do own a few strapless dresses. Two have built in bras and fit tightly enough around my chest that a child pulling on my hem couldn't budge them. The third was a bridesmaid's dress and since I couldn't buy a top as tight as I wanted while still leaving room for my hips, I wore a super-padded bra to fill the gap and help in the case of a dancing mishap.

Do you like strapless dresses? They can look quite striking, especially in the summer. Do you not like them for fear of losing them or do you loathe anything that may require a special bra?


Megan said…
I don't loathe strapless dresses but I certainly think twice about buying them. I love that chair dress but won't buy it. I'm just too small chested for them to work for me.
becca said…
I mostly loathe anything that requires a special bra. On top of that I haven't met I strapless bra I didn't loathe. They just don't work for me.

The one strapless dress I have with a built in bra is the only strapless dress I like.

I would probably wear more strapless dresses if I could find some cute and affordable bra straps that didn't look like bra straps. All my bras have removable straps so cute replacement ones would allow me to wear the bra I like with a strapless dress (also, I could pin the dress to the bra if I wanted extra security).
Elizabeth said…
I personally have gotten rid of any strapless dresses I own. I tried, but I just don't feel comfortable in them. I have broad shoulders and a bigger top than bottom, so they make me seem even bigger and not flattering at all. It was just too much work to make sure it wasn't falling down all the time.
Bespoke Tailor said…
I mixed it up with a little grey and purple (my favorite neutral), but that's all I could do. As my rainbow of clothes grew old, I had to let them go

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