Poll: Bad Fashion Day

Unlike most Americans who had Monday off, I had to work. To add to the indignity, I was having a bad shoe day. I have a cute little pair of shoes that I thought I would make more comfortable with padded inserts. Well, that works best if the shoes are already a little big, not perfect. Now they're a little snug. I neglected to wear socks and ended up with skin peeled off my heel and a toe and with a dime-sized blister on the other heel.

You can't even gripe about a bad shoe day either. It's your own fault really.

You also can't gripe about a rogue undies day either. Whether they're too tight, too loose or too invasive, the best you can hope for is a bit of privacy to deal with the problem. I've actually blanked on conversations because all I could think was "Underwear! What are you doing?!"

Is there another fashion grr that poo poos on your day? It's deep personal question day, as you can see.


Jael Paris said…
Jeans you have to constantly pull up or shorts you have to constantly pull down could also go on this list.
Elizabeth said…
Jael, I have that problem more often with skirts than shorts. I'll try on a skirt, or wear it at a family event or something where I'm standing or running around a lot and never have a problem with it. Then when I wear it to work, where I'm constantly sitting, it rides up and I have to shove it down all the time, even if it started out as knee length or longer.

I think bad shoe days are worse than bad undies days because they affect the next day. I end up wearing flip flops a couple days after getting a big blister from a pair of shoes I thought was my friend.
Fanya said…
Bad undies. For bad shoe days, you can always sit down and 1/2 take off your shoes in the back. I can't and won't ever do that with undies. And I always keep 3 bandAids anywhere (2 for shoes, 1 for real booboos). But I don't and will not keep spare pair of undies all over the place.
becca said…
My worst fashion day happened when I was away from home for around 16 hours and the wire on my bra popped early in the day. Ow ow ow.

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