Best Free Beauty Tip

My face is not serene
when I do the cold rinse.
One day I was complaining to becca about my skin. The pores are huge. She suggested I start rinsing my face with extra cold water. "A cold water rinse is also great for your hair. It seals the cuticle," she added. Well, I haven't been great about putting cold water on my face, but I have been rinsing my hair with icy water. It makes my hair shiny and smooth. When the weather's nice, I don't even need to use my anti-frizz serum.

What's the best free beauty tip you're ever gotten?


Fashion Trends said…
I will try it once... cold water means? what temperature we have to maintain for silky hair.
Fanya said…
Ice cube on pimples. You know those big red angry pimples that feel hot and hurt when you touch it? I wrap a paper towel or some small clean towel around it and gently press it on the area. The cooling dims the pain and swelling.

p.s. If the word security thing gets any more difficult to read. I won't be able to post even if I'm not a robot...
Catie D. said…
Not 100% free, but olive oil and sugar is the greatest exfoliator/moisturizer ever. Olive oil in general is a godsend; I use it on the ends of my hair to prevent split ends.
becca said…
Catie, I've read that about olive oil. I'll have to try it.

My mom have me the cold water on your face tip. She also told me to wash my face and moisturize twice a day. Super simple and oft repeated, but it totally makes a difference.

Also, a cold water rinse does awesome things for all of your skin (but I can only manage that in the summer).

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