Seeing Red (Tops)

About two years before we started Fashion Me Fabulous, Jael Paris evaluated my wardrobe and banned me from buying any more basic black. She was right--the color dominated my closet save a few dashes of blue and pops of red. I took her advice. I reintroduced pink into my world, went plum crazy (seriously I lose control in the presence of purple), grew an unhealthy green obsession, took teal to a new obsession level, and began to despair when a pair of shoes only came in black.
Pictured: (l to r)
Basket Weave Tee, Anthropologie, $48 (also in white, brown, yellow)
Shirred Polka Dot Tank, Lord & Taylor, $28.99 (also in navy)
Origami Pleat Tee, Antropologie, $34.95 (also in aqua, moss green, black, magenta)
Ruffled Sleeveless Top, Lord & Taylor, $15.89 (also in orange, hot pink, white)

Then something happened (well, that something was unemployment), and my wardrobe stagnated. For interviews and freelance gigs I replaced black basics as they wore out. Black is professional, versatile and the best bang for my buck. I mixed it up with a little grey and purple (my favorite neutral), but that's all I could do. As my rainbow of clothes grew old, I had to let them go. My pops of color are subject to the whims of the clearance rack.
Pictured: (l to r)
Cut-out Shoulder Top, Forever 21, $9.80
Doman Sleeve Top, Nordstrom, $48 (also in red, blue, green, magenta)
Slub Knit Tunic, Forever 21, $17.80
Basic Sleeveless Tee, Mango, $19.99 (also in petal pink, navy)

Sunday, I envisioned the cutest outfit, but I couldn't put it together. It relied on red top, and all I could find in my closet was one red cami with the hem coming out and a red blouse so pilled and faded I moved it to the "painting clothes" stash. Red has always been a favorite of mine and I can't believe I don't have any of it left. (I do have two dresses, but they aren't the most versatile). Now I just need to pick which red tops I'll add to my closet. (I've also listed the other colors options for each top in case you have a different color void in your wardrobe).
Pictured: (l to r)
Eyelet Trim Top, Target, $24.99 (also in turquoise, white, navy)
Racerback Colorblock Tank, Target, $17.99 (also in grey/yellow, blue/green, black/white)
Linen Cargo Tee, Madewell, $49.50 (also in white)
Slim-fit Button Down, Mango, $39.99 (also in white, blue, black, petal pink)


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